Restoration of historic buildings and monuments
Realizations of restoration of buildings of historical and monumental center with state of the art restoration techniques approved by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage
restoration of historical buildings
Civil Construction
Construction and restoration of civilian homes and farmhouses with fixtures and fittings.
civil construction
Realization hydroelectric plants
Construction of hydroelectric power screw or fall from 100kW to 5MW.
realization of hydroelectric plants
Industrial Complexes
Construction and renovation of industrial buildings.
industrial complexes
Sports facilities and swimming pools
Realizations of sports: soccer fields, tennis courts and swimming pools with fixed and mobile covers.
Realizations of excavations with the latest equipment.
Traditional carpentry and metal
Realizations of structures in traditional carpentry with the aid of structural panels type Peri (formwork works great) and metallic carpentry of all kinds.
traditional carpentery and metal
Rent scaffolds
Rent scaffolds with assembly and disassembly.
rent scaffolds
Reclamation and disposal of asbestos
Remediation and removal of roofing asbestos fiber.
reclamation and disposal of asbestos
Achievements waterproofing of roofs, basements and swimming pools.