The Rizzo's construction was born in Nicosia in the province of Enna in 1987. It's principal activity was construction and renovation of buildings. In 1994 we moved to Prato for realizing some work that our company had contracted. After a few months from the start of the work we saw the potential of the local market - very different from the Sicilian market - and many other opportunities. After careful consideration we decided to continue our activities in Tuscany, and so we moved permanently to Prato, increasing the processing and greatly expanding our company. Having the opportunity to move freely in the countless opportunities available locally, we decided to add a new sector to our company like earthmoving and rental of scaffolding, buying various equipment such as 25,000 square meters of scaffolding, diggers, trucks with cranes, lifting equipment etc... Our company has established itself immediately on the Tuscan square expanding year after year our portfolio of clients.

All active staff are trained in training and information about resource management, work organization, new execution techniques, and new technologies and safety in work environments. All personnel are provided with basic training under D.Lgs 81/08, in addition to specific training for scaffolding, use of aerial platforms, use of mechanical means, etc. ADMINISTRATIVE AND TECHNICAL OFFICE La Rizzo Costruzioni & Co srl has an administrative-accounting office and a technical office within its organization. The administrative-accounting office is organized with an automated computer system, with appropriate software and hardware tailored to suit the needs of the company. The administrative service unit is qualified to provide the company with accurate information on all issues related to the handling of orders, supply of materials, the evaluation of the critical phases and all the administrative acts necessary during execution of orders. The technical office is equipped with qualified professionals, work on site management, internal workplace safety control in accordance with Legislative Decree 81/08, in drafting estimates, cost analysis, investment analysis materials and services, job qualifications and cross-checking of costs and revenues. The technical office is organized in such a way as to configure all the operational phases of processing, from the management of the building to the preparation of the accounting. It operates with advanced computer equipment, using highly specialized programs such as: AUTOCAD, ARCHICAD, PRIMUS, OFFICE PACKAGE, etc. La Rizzo Costruzioni & Co srl is equipped with a large fleet of machines and various equipment of construction site that allow to complete the various orders